The Value of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

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While it's easy to overlook, ductwork plays a major role in the performance of a central HVAC system...

While it’s easy to overlook, ductwork plays a major role in the performance of a central HVAC system. A duct that is not sized properly, is poorly designed, or is poorly installed can cripple even high-quality air conditioning units. This can be remedied by sheet metal fabrication. With this specialized process, most duct system-related issues can be eliminated and a multitude of benefits can be realized.

Custom HVAC Services

The Hammer Metalworks team understands that no two businesses or homes are alike. A pre-formed duct may not always provide the perfect fit, resulting in a ductwork system that is cumbersome and challenging to install. A simple addition can be challenging and complicated. A custom-made ductwork system ensures that your ducts will fit perfectly, install quickly, and provide optimal ventilation. If your layout is complicated or unusual, this is even more important.

Efficiency and Performance

The average duct system wastes a lot of energy due to leaks, airflow disruptions, and improper sizing. In addition to requiring careful sealing, standard duct sections lack the flexibility necessary for optimal routing. Airflow can be compromised by ducts that are too large or small, which will make your system less effective. You can get superior efficiency from ductwork that has been custom-crafted for your HVAC system. This means better comfort at higher efficiency.

Superior Reliability

Due to the way they’re pieced together, standard duct sections are prone to separation over time. As a result, your ducts are under more stress, airflow is affected, and dirt and dust may gain access to your system. This leads to deteriorating system reliability and excessive wear. Custom ductwork, on the other hand, is designed in a way that virtually eliminates these concerns.

Installing, upgrading, or expanding a central HVAC system for your home or business is an expensive undertaking. Shouldn’t the job be done right the first time? Hammer Metalworks are expert sheet metal fabricators who offer custom sheet metal fabrication services so you can take advantage of optimal efficiency and long-term reliability in your duct systems.