Soldered Drain Trays

Drip trays, also known as unit trays, drain trays, HVAC trays, catch trays, or galvanised trays (galvanised steel), are custom-made trays used to waterproof air conditioning units, electric or gas water heaters, washing machines, and dryers, or to catch oil or wastewater.

These are commonly placed immediately below the machine to capture any moisture dripping off of it, preventing leakage to the floor and preventing costly repairs due to unforeseen failures.

Customised Trays to Fit Your Templates

Hammer Metalworks are your Auckland metal fabrication experts. We will fabricate overflow unit trays out of galvanised steel to fit your templates, or to your measurements.

For thinner gauges, such as 20 or 24 gauge (standard), trays normally feature safety edges (180° fold clamped tight). In general, we are able to fabricate these items without issue, even if they have odd shapes.

Additionally, we can install drains or pipes as well as fabricate neo-angle unit pans and round pans. Each unit tray is soldered together to ensure that it is watertight.