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Sheet Metal Fabrication Auckland

Looking for a reputable sheet metal manufacturer for your next project?

Hammer Metalworks designs and fabricates sheet metal products used in a range of domestic and industrial applications. Our products are manufactured to NZ standards (SMACNA). 

The quality and experience we offer are unmatched. We are specialists in HVAC fabrication and manufacture duct systems, plenums, grille boxes, soldered drain trays, custom pieces, and machine guards.

Quality Sheet Metal Services Since 1997

Installation jobs run more smoothly when accuracy and quality are guaranteed.

Do you have a challenging project? As passionate engineers with 45 years of fabrication experience to draw on, we take pride in being able to provide outside the box solutions for stainless steel fabrication challenges.

Featured Metal Fabrication Projects

Hammer Metalworks was established in 1997 and has quickly found a niche in the metalwork industry, serving a wide range of clients requiring products used for air conditioning, ducting, plumbing and specialized applications.

Why Choose Us

Hammer Metalworks is a highly experienced manufacturer of custom-built, quality air-conditioning and refrigeration ducting products. We also supply ducting products for houses with bespoke requirements. You’ll find Hammer’s fabricated ducting products installed in Microsoft House, Auckland City, and in 3M Albany, amongst others.

Master steel sheet fabricators and members of SMACNA.

Quality results through expert technical skills, manufactured to NZ standards

Proven portfolio spanning air conditioning, plumbing, and specialized applications

Innovators of 'Acoustibox' Grille Boxes, we offer intelligent customised solutions